Liturgical Apostolate Center 

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The Sister Disciples of the Divine Master 
are  the modern version of the women of the gospel!


The center of our discipleship is

Jesus our Divine Master the Way, the Truth and the Life 

St. Scholastica was the sister of St. Benedict, the great father of monasticism. Our first mother was called Scholastica Rivata (now venerable) and blessed James Alberione; our Founder gave us the model of St. Scholastica for our spiritual and apostolic lives.

In our ministry at the service of the priesthood, we are to cultivate that complementarity which flowered in the lives of Benedict and Scholastica. The attributes of Scholastica and her brother spiritually complement and balance each other.

Benedict’s name from the Latin benedictus, “the blessed one,” connotes great spiritual affinity with God, compassion, or “heart”. Scholastica’s name on the other hand, form the scholasticus or “student or teacher of rhetoric,” connotes exactness of scholarly pursuit, discipline and “mind,” may they both intercede for us!

St. Scholastica Feastday is celebrated on February 10th. The congregation of the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master was founded on February 10th, 1924.  The motto of Mother M. Scholastica was "Jesus, my only Teacher, my only Love."

The totality of Jesus and of his Paschal Mystery grasps our life to its very core. He engages our minds, wills, hearts, and energies. He is our Way, our Truth, and our Life, perennially present in the Holy Eucharist. In particular we portray Mary in her mission of being mother and teacher of Jesus of Nazareth. She is the first to listen to Him and put into practice the spirit of the Beatitudes.

We follow the Pauline spirit of universality and we belong to the Pauline Family. 

Our locations in the United States:

 Fresno, California, Los Angeles, California,

 Boston, Massachusetts, Braintree, Massachusetts, Staten Island, New York

We are established in more than 30 countries:

• The United States • Argentina • Australia • Brazil  • Burkina Faso • Canada • Chile • Columbia• Czech Republic • Democratic Republic of Congo • Ecuador • France  • Germany • Hong Kong • India• Ireland • Israel • Italy • Japan • Mexico • New Zealand • Poland • Popular Republic of Congo • Portugal• South Korea • Spain • Taiwan • The Philippines • Ukraine • Vatican • Venezuela


Our Mission

Our mission is to live out, for ourselves and others, the paschal mystery of Christ -- from His incarnation to His glorification in Heaven -- which is found in the Eucharist, in the priesthood, and in the liturgy. 

The Eucharist, priesthood and liturgy are interlaced with each other in a mission of praise, love and charity which spreads itself throughout the thirty countries where the congregation is established and is open to the whole world as the Kingdom of God continues to expand.

We are the Missionaries of Jesus Master, Way, Truth and Life. 

The Eucharist

Our Eucharistic life is not a simple devotion but a "mandated mission" by the Church. The Church has commissioned us Sister Disciples of the Divine Master to be, in the words of Blessed James Alberione:

  • Living lamps before the Eucharistic Jesus.
  • Servants of honor of the tabernacle and of its Divine Guest.
  • Angels of the Eucharist who receive and give.
  • Souls who hunger and thirst for the Eucharistic bread and for the waters of His Grace.
  • Hearts that share the desires, intentions, loneliness of their Eucharistic spouse.
  • The first confidants of Jesus Host, listening to every word of life that comes from Him and               meditating on it in their heart, as Mary did.

From the Eucharistic mystery, the source of our mission, we receive light, joy, and the example to become apostles of the Eucharist.

The Priesthood

The Ministers of God are that special category of persons to whom we dedicate our loving compassionate charity expressed throughout the various stages of their lives: time of formation, in their ministry, sickness and old age and suffrages after death, all in the spirit of Mary Most Holy. The warm hospitality and friendship that Mary, Martha, and Lazarus offered to Jesus and the Apostles, as well as the loving embrace of the women at the Foot of the Cross of Jesus, characterizes our mission and our works of mercy towards the Priesthood of Christ.

The Liturgy

The Sister Disciples of the Divine Master promote Liturgical formation and animation in various ways among the clergy and laity. This is done through the production and distribution of sacred art, liturgical furnishings and vestments, and an active participation in the life of the Church.We encourage the artistic gifts and talents of the Sisters. All is done with love and prayer!


Our Day

Our day is spent in the spirit of praise and contemplative living.

The day of the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master begins with silent meditation on the Liturgy of the daily Eucharist. Then we pray together the  Liturgy of the Hours, giving thanks and singing God's praise for the gift of a new day. Then we participate in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist; the center and focus of our life.  

The Holy Eucharist extends its Presence upon the altar to be Adored throughout the day. Sisters and faithful alternate themselves before him in the name of all humanity in a spirit of adoration, thanksgiving, petition and reparation. This prayer of Adoration is offered for the needs of humanity; of our bishops, our priests, our deacons and all who spread the Good news of the Gospel with the Social Networking Media.

Our Prayer is our daily Life Line focuses on a strong Community life!

The PDDM worship God from the rising of the sun to its setting, throughout the 30 countries where they are established. Each culture relates to God in its special way. At the setting of the sun our community and other faithful believers gather once more to celebrate Vespers, the Evening Prayer of the Church. 

We raise up our hearts in a spirit of thanksgiving for the countless blessings God has bestowed upon all and we become the voice of every creature. 

All the requests for prayers received throughout the day are loudly expressed and raised before God, often symbolized even with the offering of incense.

The hours in between when Sisters are not formally at prayer are spent in a spirit of silence and apostolate; offering prayers for those who will wear our vestments and come to our Liturgical Apostolate Centers.  Sisters continue their Contemplative Eucharistic life in the fulfillment of various aspects of the mission where their gifts have an opportunity to blossom.

All of us are immersed with the "Silence of God" and the spirit of simplicity diffused in the most ordinary services which we offer to each other and to those who frequent our chapel and premises. 

The Liturgical Apostolate Center is a mission not a business !